First and foremost, I am a mum, to three beautiful, sensitive daughters. My greatest learnings and my greatest growth are the results of my greatest challenges, particularly where my children have been involved.

I’m a qualified and experienced teacher with a postgraduate degree in Special Education. I’ve worked with children, parents, and families since I started in education over 30 years ago… but that is what seems like a lifetime ago.

My journey has led me to become a certified life coach through the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, and an authorized independent Parent Effectiveness Training Instructor through Thomas Gordon Training International. I am an author, presenter, and founding Principal of the Mindful and Wholehearted Parenting Academy.

I am passionate about helping you find your inner strength and authentic self as you meet the challenges of parenting.
I want you to thrive, come alive and feel empowered, while you build rich and rewarding relationships with your kids. You’ll discover how to replace power struggles, frustration and overwhelm, with calm, cooperation and loving connections.
My work involves showing you how to manage stress and anxiety, listen and talk with your kids with empathy, and learn how to better communicate and resolve problems effectively.

Parenting is the greatest act of courage.
To have courage is to lead with your heart.
I’m here to show you how to lead with your heart.

Want to know more?

I was born in a remote Queensland uranium mining town that is now a ghost town, in the late ’50s.
My mum left my dad when I was three. We – my mum, me and my two sisters moved in with my Nan and uncle in Brisbane, where I spent my entire schooling and college years.
I taught in Brisbane and ‘out bush’ where I met my husband teaching at the same school. We have three wonderful daughters and one adorable pooch. 

Since being married in the late ’80s, my husband, David, and I have lived in 22 houses in 7 different countries, and have visited about a dozen other countries, give or take a few. I love to travel which has broadened my mind in so many enriching ways.
While living in Australia, I had our three children and survived having twins.
While living in Malaysia, I studied Classical Feng Shui with two Grand Masters.
While living in Saudi Arabia, I survived bombings and pesticide poisoning.
While living in China, besides walking on the Great Wall, I visited a city made of ice and walked on a frozen river.
While living in India, I completed a 10 day Vipassana silent meditation retreat.
While living in the U.A.E. I finished my career as a teacher and became a certified life coach.
While living in Vietnam I wrote a parenting book and an online parenting program.

My family brings me my greatest joy. My husband is my rock, my best friend and confidant. I love travelling with him, singing, dancing, beating him at cards and board games, and being merry 🙂
I have a natural affinity with animals and derive deep joy, companionship, and healing from the pets we care for.
I have a creative essence so I love to sketch, sew, design and decorate houses, take photographs, and admire art.
I love being in nature and gardening. I’m equally at home at the beach as I am in the mountains.
And I love to teach. I am in my element when I can make a difference in someone’s life. When I teach or coach I have the opportunity to inspire, support, and mentor while sharing the wisdom I have gained over the years.