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The Mindful and Wholehearted Parenting

Online Program

An 8-week comprehensive program

to bring out the best and wisest parent in you.

The Mindful and Wholehearted Parenting Program shows you how to parent with mind, heart and soul. It takes you on a personal journey into your parenting heart centre and helps bring out the best and wisest parent in you.


The world is changing and evolving at a rapid pace. You are a parent in the digital 21st century, doing the toughest job on this planet. And parenting is just getting harder!


Parents are looking for guidance on how to parent with authority without being authoritarian, how to discipline without punishment, how to connect and not coerce, and how to empower their children as well as themselves.

Does this mean war?

Everything you are looking for...

How will your situation improve? Will you…

  • Do nothing
  • Figure it out on your own
  • Hope for the best
  • Learn new skills and strategies (like every head of a company, and in this instance, you are the head of your own family company), manage your mindset and champion change.

You cannot rely on the methods your parents used, yet you are hard-wired to do so. There-in lies the problem. By releasing past conditioning and changing outmoded beliefs, habits, and patterns of behaviour and thought, you can change pre-existing wiring, and parent with calm, compassion, and respect.


You can turn chaos into calm. You can discipline without punishment. You can problem-solve with your kids to reach amicable solutions. You can have healthy limits with clear communication so that your kids listen and cooperate. You can parent far more peacefully and have peace of mind.

It takes a holistic approach to bring about the changes and outcomes you desire.
You must look at all 3 major aspects of your life as it relates to your parenting:

  1. Your own self awareness and self-care.
  2. Your understanding of your child and the relationship you have with him/her.
  3. How you communicate and resolve conflicts.

All parents need training in these 3 areas. Without the essential skills, your parenting world is fraught with frustration. I wish I could break it to you gently, but that is the reality.



In this 8-week comprehensive Mindful and Wholehearted Parenting Online Program you will:

  • Be EMPOWERED so that you manage your family with confidence, compassion, kindness, and CLARITY of MIND and HEART.
  • Be MINDFUL so that you reflect before responding, and resist the urge to react in anger to your child’s mistakes.
  • Be INSPIRED to live your authentic, energized self, from a loving heart space – and be the best role model for your kids.
  • Bring yourself to a state of CALM when all around you is in chaos.
  • EFFECTIVELY COMMUNICATE and resolve conflicts without punishments, threats, bribes, or time-outs.
  • LISTEN with more EMPATHY and UNDERSTANDING so that your kids feel heard, and in return, your kids will listen and COOPERATE.
  • Have the right language to VOICE your NEEDS and CONCERNS.
  • Manage your stresses, triggers, and own self-care so that you are more PRESENT with a POSITIVE and PROACTIVE MINDSET.
  • Have deeper, stronger, more respectful CONNECTIONS with your kids. Your children will want to discuss their problems and concerns with you instead of withdrawing or rebelling.
  • Experience fewer angry outbursts and power struggles–less tension, less resentment, WORKING TOGETHER instead of against one another.
  • Regain your SANITY with more PEACE, HARMONY and LOVE in your home!


The course material will be made available to you one week at a time, as it is drip-fed to you over 8 weeks. You have a whole week to dive into the week’s module, have personal coaching around the material in the module, complete the assigned tasks, and put into practice the invaluable strategies you’ve learned. 


I won’t go so far as to say it is a ‘parenting boot camp’, but it comes close. 🙂


By the way, there is a reason why this amazing program is not self-paced. We all have extremely busy lives and time is of the essence. I’m here to keep you accountable and on track. Studies have shown it is human nature to either get distracted or give up, and not finish something you’ve started.


You are investing in yourself and your family, and I’m here to keep you to that. It’s important to me that you get the outcomes you desire and be the parent you are meant to be!


Once the program starts, you have access to all of these brilliant resources! 

8 weekly one-hour group coaching sessions with Ren

8 personal and individual one-hour coaching sessions with Ren

Personalised insights, inspiration, and accountability check-ins

A personalised action plan

Practical weekly assignments

Supporting resources – articles, ebooks, videos, meditations

A toolkit of the most effective parenting strategies

Private Facebook community membership

Lifetime access to the program and resources

Your partner (if living in the same household) can join for *free!

Answers to all of your questions

30 day money-back guarantee


A digital copy of Ren’s book:
Parents Take Heart



$ 1147
  • 8 weekly one-hour group sessions with Ren.
  • 8 personal and individual one-hour coaching sessions with Ren.
  • Insights and inspiration from Ren as well as accountability check-ins.
  • A personalised action plan.
  • Practical weekly assignments.
  • Supporting resources - articles, ebooks, meditations.
  • A toolkit of the most effective parenting strategies.
  • A digital copy of Ren’s book: Parents Take Heart.
  • Private Facebook group with group accountability.
  • Answers to all you parenting questions.
  • Your partner (If living in the same household) can join for *free!
  • 30 day money-back guarantee.

Parents love this program!

Frequently asked questions

Self-paced programs start when you are ready. You have access to materials as soon as you sign-up and register. You work through lessons at your own pace. There is a clearly defined course schedule that can take around 8 weeks. You are free to go faster or slower.

Facilitated programs have a structure that includes weekly check-ins and meetings. These online face-to-face times will be scheduled in advance so that you can plan your attendance.

You have lifetime access because you will always be a parent, and you will never stop learning and growing. For as long as the course is available, you will be able to watch the videos and access the course material. Your access to the course information and resources never ends! It is a resource for life.
You also have ongoing access to the Facebook community.
Because I know! And so do all of the parents I have helped over the years. It’s very common to feel like nothing is going to work. Parents have come to me when they feel they have tried everything. I show you what works! I am committed to you getting results! If you do not see improvements after 30 days, you are welcome to receive your money back.

I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with the program, please contact me.

If after 30 days you have found that the skills and strategies taught in the program are not for you, or if you have seen no improvements in your household, you will receive a full refund. 

Refunds will be given for any cancellation received via e-mail at any time within 30 days of starting the program. Email me asking for a refund, and your payment will be cheerfully refunded. 

Have no fear. This is often the case. As you start to relate to your children differently – your children’s behaviour will change and they will start to be more willing to listen and cooperate. Communication will improve all-round, and your partner will be witness to much improved dynamics. 

Sometimes it just takes a little ‘proof’ before they hop on board… but they will!

This program is designed for busy, time-poor parents. Each module contains 4 to 6 lessons that can easily be completed in 10 to 15 minutes. You’ll be putting the theory into practice on a regular basis – because that’s what will get you results!

Without a doubt, the program where you are personally mentored by Ren is by far the most beneficial to you. Personal mentoring is the ’ bee’s knees’ as you are guided, supported, encouraged, inspired, and kept accountable to continue moving forward. 

Your life and your parenting world will be taken to a whole new level!

Ren personally hosts the live group coaching calls. During these live sessions, you can ask for advice on a specific challenge and get answers directly, in real-time. Coaching calls are offered once a week (at various times to accommodate parents living in different time zones around the world).